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National Playing Card Collection Day celebrates the collection of one of the oldest forms of portable art (circa 1200s). Playing cards are literal galleries of art and inspiration, showing and communicating the intentions of an artist to the public while also archiving the cultural values of their time.

Collecting these art pieces allow us to be curators of our own galleries to display. These collections can be seen as extensions of the collector and this day is a time to celebrate and share their collections to the public.

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The true purpose of this holiday is to collect and connect with others who share your passion. There are plenty of ways to participate online or in person. Discover new decks, browse never before seen collections, and of course show off your own if you got one! 

Feature your collections and decks on social media and tag #CardCollectionDay when sharing to see your collections along with others showcased on our website. This year when you join in you might even win a little something as well! (See more)


It wouldn't be official if we didn't partake in one of the most fun parts of this holiday - CARD COLLECTING! Bring home a piece of playing card history with the THIRD ANNUAL National Playing Card Collection Day deck inspired by M.C. Escher featuring the world’s first deck that LITERALLY changes designs based on the hands that hold it.

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