NPCCD is only a week away along with the highly anticipated second annual deck release. The NPCCD Decks strive to be some of the most experimental, innovative, and exciting decks the market see each year and for good reason! 

These decks represent how we see the art of card collection - beautifully unique, consistently dynamic, and authentically yours. The decks are designed to compel and test the boundaries of the playing card world to keep our art consistently growing. They're kept at small runs not because of artificial limits, but because they're handcrafted, side stepping the industrial world of automation in favor of a more authentic handmade piece of art for your collection. 

While we can't show you everything now, here's what we ARE able to tell you.

There will be 2 editions available. Pearl Edition + Midnight Gold Hand Gilded Edition. Each edition features the following:

  • Hand assembled and individually numbered out of 499.
  • Cards printed with The U.S.P.C.C. with Magic Finish
  • Gorgeously intricate golden engraved box illustrations
  • Cotton linen or metallic mirror stamp seals
  • Innovative new 3-piece custom deck packaging
  • Luxury-grade metallic box stocks
  • Limited pre-sale availability to 52+Joker Convention attendees
  • Available for sale October 17th

Not just beautiful, these cards also help support the arts. 

100% of NPCCD Deck profits go towards helping keep Portfolio52, the world's largest playing card database. Tools like these help make card collecting easier, more informed, and of course a lot more enjoyable. Running and maintaining these services cost money. In order to keep these tools free for everyone these decks are offered for sale.  They're our way of asking for donations while still giving value back to the community.  To us the NPCCD deck acts as a badge of honor in our card collections as a sign that we helped support the art of card collecting.

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We're excited to see everyone's collections and hope you join in with us this October 17th!

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